D.E.L.CO. supplies mineral and synthetic diathermic fluids of the DelcoTerm® line or fluids of the main world producers in the sector.

It also provides advice necessary for the use of the most suitable fluid for the customer's needs.

10 years warranty

The charges of diathermic fluid sold, started and followed over time with analytical checks by the D.E.L.CO. they are GUARANTEED FOR TEN YEARS.

If during the warranty period the fluid deteriorates to the point of irreparably compromising its function, the charge will be replaced free of charge.

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If the customer wants to entrust the D.E.L.CO. the first oil charge of the new plant or the replacement of the old and deteriorated one, we will guarantee the same for 10 years. In other words, we will help the customer, through continuous monitoring, to keep the oil charge in operation for the duration of the warranty so that it remains constantly suitable to perform its function by intervening, if necessary, with rectification operations before it deteriorates to the point need to be replaced.

We have experience of oil charges lasting even more than 30 years!

This guarantee will be bound only to the obligation to carry out at least one DELCO check oil standard analysis every 6 months and one DELCO check oil Premium analysis every 12 months. Before filling the system, our specialist technical staff will carry out an inspection to check its status and suggest any changes so that the charge can be maintained over time without irreversible deterioration or cracking.

Trust the D.E.L.CO experience with serenity, since 1977 at the service of customers!

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