High quality paraffin-based oil, treated with special processes that make it comply with the purity requirements of the pharmacopoeia, is particularly suitable for use as a heat exchanger fluid in systems

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Indicative operating temperature -9° / 300°


The DelcoTerm®Solar E 15 fluid is a high quality, transparent, colorless, odorless, paraffin-based oil, selected, refined and treated with special procedures that make it comply with the purity requirements required by the pharmacopoeia. Due to its specific physical-chemical characteristics, it is particularly suitable to be used, only in the liquid phase, as a heat exchanger fluid in oleothermic plants of the chemical-pharmaceutical, cosmetic and production and / or production of products intended for both human and animal and in any case in all applications for which the use of a high purity fluid is required by regulation or product quality.

The low toxicity and the possible biodegradability make DelcoTerm®Solar E 15 particularly suitable for oleothermal plants distributed on large unprotected surfaces with collection basins from any small leaks or leaks therefore destined to end up in the soil below. This is the case of the circuits of solar systems with concentrator panels using large quantities of pipes in which a fluid with particular capacity to operate at high temperature (over 300 ° C) must flow without suffering damage such as to jeopardize its service life . Until now, for these types of applications, aromatic hydrocarbon based fluids having similar thermotechnical characteristics but certainly more harmful to the environment in the case of leaks have always been used.

The DelcoTerm®Solar E 15 has been designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of these types of systems, that is to say that they possess the thermotechnical characteristics sufficient to operate in a hydraulic system at the level of an aromatic fluid. The very narrow distillation range chosen (335 ° C ÷ 455 ° C) makes the fluid particularly resistant to cracking. The temperature at which piroscission of the most easily perishable molecules takes place is above 350 ° C which means that the fluid is capable of withstanding even higher wall temperatures.

DelcoTerm®Solar E 15 oil has high distillation points (2%) and flammability, low vapor pressure, absolute chemical inertness towards all the materials used in the oleothermal circuits, low pour point and good cold pumpability which they put it at the forefront of the best diathermic oils on the market. It has excellent chemical and thermal stability and is therefore particularly resistant to all classic deterioration phenomena such as oxidation and cracking to which an oil is normally subjected in oleothermic systems.

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Iso 9001:2000