The D.E.L.CO. it has analysis laboratories capable of performing all the analyzes necessary and sufficient for the CONTROL and MAINTENANCE of charges of fluids and diathermic, dielectric, hydraulic and lubricant oils.

D.E.L.CO. analysis standard oil check ®

The following report, developed with the experience of D.E.L.CO., consists of a series of analyzes carried out on the sample, which allow to accurately assess the state of the fluid, detecting any degeneration of the same.

D.E.L.CO. analysis oil check premium ®

The following report, in addition to the checks provided for the D.E.L.CO. The oil check standard provides for a further in-depth analysis of light compounds, also through the use of more advanced chromatographic instrumentation.

The sampling is carried out with the use of a specific instrumentation, created and studied by D.E.L.CO. to ensure the complete collection of all liquid and volatile components present in the fluid.

D.E.L.CO. analysis oil check PCBs ®

The following report, developed with the experience of D.E.L.CO. and carried out according to the US EPA 8082 method, it allows to verify the presence in the diathermic and dielectric fluids of any PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls and their mixtures), all thanks to sophisticated ECG gas chromatography equipment.

There is also the possibility of sampling on solid surfaces by means of Wipe tests.

D.E.L.CO. analysis oil check INSOLUBLE ®

This test report provides the end customer with a clear and complete situation of what impurities are present inside the fluid and therefore in the oleothermal circuit. It is very important to monitor the progress of this value over time, in order to avoid that the particulates and impurities present reach concentrations such as to create deposits and sludge inside the circuit, compromising their heat exchange. High concentrations of particulates can also cause breakdowns of the various components of the system such as pumps, valves and mechanical components in general, causing a plant shutdown. The ASTM D893 rev. DELCO-08 was developed by combining the forty-year experience of D.E.L.CO. in the field of diathermic systems with modern analytical techniques

Request a sample collection

You will be able to request a sample of diathermic oil directly from your plant using our area Request online. Our staff will contact you to organize the collection by one of our specialized technicians in order to obtain the analytical report relating to the state of your diathermic fluid. If instead you want to send the sample directly to our laboratory, please download the form with the correct sampling procedure and take the sample in the manner indicated by sending everything to our laboratory.

Please indicate the type of analysis required in the submission form: Standard, Premium, Insoluble or PCBs.

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