Classic diathermic fluid with a mainly paraffinic mineral base, suitable for oleothermal systems operating between -9 ° C and + 300 ° C.

Base Mineral

Indicative operating temperature -9° / 300°


The DelcoTerm® M 32 fluid is a mineral oil having a mainly paraffinic base selected, refined and treated with processes that improve its physical and chemical characteristics making it particularly suitable to be used, only in the liquid phase, as a heat exchanger fluid in oil-thermal plants. It is an oil with a narrow distillation interval of light straw color, not very toxic by inhalation and ingestion, of very low vapor pressure, of easy and safe handling, of good emulsiveness, of practically zero solubility in water and with chemical-physical characteristics capable of satisfying all the needs required of a mineral diathermic fluid.

DelcoTerm® M 32 oil has high distillation points (2%) and flammability, low vapor pressure, absolute chemical inertness towards all the materials used in the oleothermal circuits and good cold pumpability that put it on the front line between the best diathermic oils on the market. It has excellent chemical and thermal stability and is therefore particularly resistant to all classic deterioration phenomena such as oxidation and cracking to which an oil is normally subjected in oleothermic systems.

DelcoTerm® M 32 oil, if properly protected from air oxygen, if used within the prescribed temperature limits and if cared for, checked and subjected to correct maintenance, has practically unlimited life. There are cases of charges well conducted and regularly subjected to the program of "scheduled preventive maintenance D.E.L.CO." which have already exceeded 35 ÷ 40 years of life without the physical-chemical characteristics of the oil having undergone significant variations or in any case such as to make it no longer suitable for functioning as a heat exchanger fluid.

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Iso 9001:2000